The challenges of dealing with multiple carriers can easily distract you from your core business. Superior Cargos' experienced staff will assist you to meet your freight deadlines; Superior Cargo is a global air freight provider serving major business centers worldwide. With decades of experience and competitively-priced solutions, we offer a single source to manage global air freight.

Trade in the international market sometimes requires the arrival of the goods to the destination in a short period of time. In this case of a pressing schedule, the advisable solution is transportation by air. The delivery's transportation by air significantly shortens the delivery time. The import and export departments of Superior Cargo are always prepared to be at your service during most of the day to meet your urgent needs and create the best solution for you regarding budget and schedule.

 Superior Cargo has years of experience in air transportation operations. The company has excellent contacts with Airlines operating in West Africa. These contacts allow the company to provide its clients with fair prices and personal services for each and every transport. We aspire to offer our clients effective solutions, and one of the solutions provided by the company is consolidation services. Consolidation is the unification of freights, which lowers the shipping costs as they are divided among several importers and exporters.


Superior Cargo provides several solutions for transport by air in the aspect of speed. The first option, which is cheaper and slower, is called Economic air transportation. If the product the client wishes to send doesn't have to arrive immediately, this is the recommended option, for it is the most economic one. Another option offered by Superior Cargo is the Express transport, which is faster, and naturally more expensive. A client who needs his product to arrive at the destination as soon as possible is recommended to pick this option.
Transport by air and sea requires different forms and certifications. In Superior Cargo, we provide guidance and consultation to the exporter or importer on the subject of forms, licenses and establishments needed for the shipment to be sent without being delayed, and for it to arrive and be removed from customs custody with minimal bureaucracy.
This is the reason why using a company which specializes in courier services in conjunction with flight companies is recommended when you transport goods by air.





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