Warehouse & Distribution


Different businesses operate in different ways. Our warehousing and distribution solution is design in a way to accommodate unique material handling, order fulfillment, and cross docking needs down to the smallest detail.

From start-up companies to big companies, we tailor our warehousing services to meet your requirements. Our solutions add value to your business and make it easier for movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers.


Our Distribution logistics solution, including order fulfillment, warehousing, transportation and consultancy to help you meet tough business challenges – while streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies, and controlling costs.


Our warehousing infrastructures are backed by fully fledged logistics and distribution capabilities to facilitate local, regional or international distribution. We currently operate holding facilities in the Mali and distribution contacts and networks around the globe.


 Key competencies include:

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Fulfilment

  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation

  • Cross Dock

  • Pick & Pack/Pick & Ship

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Parcel, LTL, and FTL Shipping Services

  • Manage the complexities of distribution to box stores

  • Strategically locate goods close to customers

  • Quickly create a nationwide supply chain network

  • Store overflow products

  • Enter new markets

  • Ramp up inventory for seasonal spikes

  • Manage special projects for large retailers and manufacturers

 Inventory and Data Systems

Transparency from pick up to delivery, pictures of warehouse movements, ensures that nothing slips through the gaps. It's not just about creating processes. It's about creating better customer experiences.

It's about knowing how to handle complex problems before they become problems to our customers. It's about making sure that inventory and data security stays tight and billing is timely and accurate.

 Inventory management services we provide to our clients include:

  • Inventory control

  • Inventory visibility

  • Unique inventory storage environments

  • Data and physical security

  • Reporting, measurement, and compliance

  Distribution Technology

Create different value for your business by leveraging our global technology infrastructure and capabilities. Utilize information on the movement of goods as a strategic management tool to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.

Gain a clearer view into what's going on with your inbound and outbound goods any time of day. Prepare others in your company by proactively sharing automated reports.

Know that our strategic relationships with industry-leading vendors ensure the level of support necessary to keep our internal applications and state-of-the-art infrastructure running uninterrupted.

Innovative technology from UPS can help you be more responsive and more customers focused.

We provide best-in-class:

  • Data center excellence

  • Disaster recovery programs

  • Insurance coverage

  • CPU/ operating system security

  • Network, application, and virus security

  • 24 x 7 system support coverage and maintenance

Technology support includes:

  • Multilingual call center support

  • Private network

  • Full 24 X 7 operations

  • Redundant data centers

  • Self sustainability


  • Sending cargo overseas holds many possible risks. Packing is one of the most critical factors found under the sender's control and very rarely given the satisfactory significance. The manner by which your goods are packed is critical for their safe arrival to their destination.


  • Value of goods.
  • Shipping dimensions.
  • Cargo weight and its mass.
  • Sensitive areas in space requiring proper padding and/or affixing.
  • Forklift access and/or grasping points for lift and transportation of goods.
  • Road conditions and length the package is expected to undergo.
  • Climate conditions (in case the goods are contained of food, medicine, Agricultural Products and etc.)

    Shipments of medicine, blood samples and other compounds, for example, require insulated packages capable of keeping fixed temperature over time.

    On the other hand, other types of merchandises, such as textile or printed goods can be sent by simple cartons.

    Sometimes a wooden package is required to preserve a sensitive machine or robot, Or alternatively a crate for valuable artifacts.


  • Primary consultation services on proper packing and shipment methods: Sea freight, land-based or by air.
  • Examination services of possible transit routes and loading options.
  • Measurement services, which includes building a packing plan for cartons and crates.
  • Packing, affixing/padding and locking according to the client's preferences.
  • Containerization services.
  • Storage services.
  • Handling the marking process and preparing the needed paperwork for international shipping and customs brokerage of imports or exports.

    Many families and individuals ship the contents of their homes or choose to storage it during their relocation process, whether it's to a different city or a different country.

    Superior Cargo provides consultation and outsourcing services on storage management throughout the country.

    Warehouses, which are available to our clients, spread in different regions across the country, providing the following services:

  • Storage services of apartment content and personal belonging in private Storage compartments
  • Safety deposit storage services for fine art and valuables.
  • Shelving services for item collecting and outsourcing of inventory management and distribution purposes.
  • Packing, transport and short/long term storage services

    Check the location is thoroughly secured.

    Ask about the warehouse insurance policy: Insurance limitations and exceptions. Ask to see the policy and that the issue will be specified in the final quote.

    What mode of storage is needed, private room? Open or covered   warehouse? Short or long termed? Shelving requirements?

    1. Ask about independent locking possibility with a private lock.

    1. It is always advisable to visit the storage area in order to see the entire operation at first hand.

    2. Manage a proper packing specification report detailing the contents of each crate, number of crates and measurement.

    3. It is required to exchange documents and records in an orderly fashion with the storage owner.


  • Primary consultation services on international shipping and storage costs.
  • Capacity checks services.
  • Matching the required packing mode for the client's contents and management services.
  • Transportation coordination services.
  • Choosing the appropriate storage facility with the most proximity possible to the client's home.
  • Supervision services on the Unloading process.
  • International shipping of house contents exporting from/Importing to Mali / West Africa



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