Superior Cargo Procurement Services covers the whole spectrum of procurement, from the initial enquiry to market analysis, tendering, bid evaluation, ordering, inspection, shipping and final delivery to required destination.

We provide a specialist procurement service to source, buy and deliver the right high-quality materials and equipment on time and at the best price, to support our client’s business operations and projects. From day-to-day materials and consumables to long-term assets, such as mining equipment, essential commodities and supplies, our approach is flexible and proven to deliver overall project success for our clients.

Our expertise and extensive supplier database, combined with our experience across many industry sectors, means we have developed successful procurement services to support customers of all sizes, including sole traders, contractor suppliers and SMEs.

We are committed to continuously improving our procurement practices, respecting the environment while operating ethically and responsibly.

Sourcing and Buying Service

Our strategic sourcing and buying services focus on delivering enhanced business performance and delivering substantial savings for our clients, from multinational corporations to single-family farms in developing nations. We directly source, negotiate and purchase materials, goods and services from several Mali and international approved manufacturers and suppliers on behalf our clients,

Our supply chain management and buying consultants help clients achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping costs low, providing goods and services efficiently and effectively. Working collaboratively with clients, we identify the opportunities, manage the risk, secure the transaction and optimize supply chain from across the globe.

Manufacturer Representation

Superior Cargo is pleased to work with proven manufacturers and suppliers who actively help shape, define and improve our clients’ business. We represent products and services distribution for leading edge companies in the Mali, Europe, USA and around the world, some of them under non-disclosure agreements.

We tailor our services to suit the market and our clients’ needs. So, whether you are seeking to enter a new market or grow a long-established presence, we can help you realize your product’s full potential.

Superior Cargo is proud to collaborate with credible manufacturers and suppliers looking to expand into developing markets in West Africa especially in Mali and the rest of the world where we operate through our supply chain network or in-country office.

Through a range of unique services, including market penetration, bidding advisory service and shipping, we can help you crack foreign markets. Get in touch now.

Mining Equipment & Suppliers Logistics

Superior Cargo is an innovative provider of Mining Equipment logistics services. We provide dedicated support to vendors and suppliers all the way from tendering of contracts through to buying and delivering Ex-Works (EXW) to designated clients warehouse. With an experienced team of professionals, we have built an extensive track record of supporting Mining projects in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry, combined with established relationships, means your equipment and supplies, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports are delivered where you need them, when you need them.



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