Shipper’s Responsibility Sending cargo overseas holds many possible risks. Packing is one of the most critical factors found under the sender’s control and very rarely given the satisfactory significance.
The manner by which your goods are packed, marked and labeled is critical for their safe arrival to their destination.
Quality Packing Prevents Damage or loss
All our crates are plastic-wrapped, to protect your goods from any wet conditions encountered on the way to their destination. We carefully pack the containers tightly and securely, to increase the level of protection and keep your investment safe. Once packed, the plastic lining is then closed and a proper top bracing is fixed to the crate for physical stability. Another layer of plastic is then applied to the top for added wetness protection. The lid is then fixed and sealed tightly shut, and banding is used on both ends to complete the seal.
Finally, the appropriate markings are applied to the finished product to enable proper tracking

Packing Strategy
Determine Value of goods.
Apply appropriate dimensions
Physically verify containers for carriage
Make sure cargo weight and its mass determine container construction.
Sensitive areas in space requiring proper padding and/or affixing.
Forklift access and/or grasping points for lift and transportation of goods.
Road conditions and length the package is expected to undergo.
Climate conditions (in case the goods are contained of food, medicine, Agricultural Products, live birds or animals and etc.)
Shipments of medicine, blood samples and other compounds, for example, require insulated packages capable of keeping fixed temperature over time.
On the other hand, other types of merchandises, such as textile or printed goods can be sent by simple cartons.
Sometimes a wooden package is required to preserve a sensitive machine or robot, Or alternatively a crate for valuable artifacts.

Packing Solutions
Primary consultation services on proper packing and shipment methods: Sea freight, land-based or by air.
Examination services of possible transit routes and loading options.
Measurement services, which includes building a packing plan for cartons and crates.
Packing, affixing/padding and locking according to the client’s preferences.
Containerization services.
Storage services.
Handling the marking process and preparing the needed paperwork for international shipping and customs brokerage of import